We are pleased to inform you that we at UnionBank of the Philippines has entered into specialized collection programs with the PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION(PHIC) designed to provide you with greater convenience and value-added benefits in the settlement of your monthly employer contributions. We refer in particular to the Philhealth E-pay Premium Contributions Program via UnionBank's ONEHUB.GOV.

The Philhealth e-Pay provides electronic messaging facility for efficient transmission and processing of your Philhealth contributions. With the Philhealth e-Pay, you would no longer submit your employee listing manually to the PHIC branch and separately remit payments by going to the bank. With the Philhealth e-Pay, your employees' contributions will be posted monthly and within a matter of days, thus allowing for faster processing of your benefit claims.


UnionBank's ONEHUB.GOV platform covers the electronic submission from the employer to Philhealth of the Monthly Premium Contribution List (MPCL) file, and it will automatically validate the file and display the status of Payment.

Once the authorizer approves the transaction, a corresponding Payment Advice (PA) will be sent to the Employer. If the transaction fails, the system will prompt the authorizer for the error confirmation and provide reason why the transaction was rejected.

At the end of the day, ONEHUB.GOV will forward the MPCL and PA to Philhealth. Philhealth will now process, validate and send a corresponding Monthly Payment Acknowledgement (MPA) to Unionbank and to the Employer.

Unionbank's ONEHUB.GOV system automatically debits the account of the employer once the transaction has been approved. In turn, it will also credit the account of Philhealth on real time basis.

Your Key Advantages

By enrolling in the Philhealth e-Pay, your company would receive the following benefits:

  • Up-to-date posting of contributions and payments within 24 hours

  • Immediate reconciliation of reports and remittances

  • Immediate availment of Philhealth benefits (i.e., hospitalizations)

  • Convenient mode of payment

  • System will view all pending payment

  • Corporate Policy Enforcement
    • Defines transaction limits per user

    • Limit the users to pay only PHIC

Security Measures

  • Safeguards against erroneous double-payments of same files

  • Fool-proof Registration that Enforces your Corporate Approval Policies

  • Secure, Tried & Tested Internet Financial Transactions

  • 256-bit strong Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

  • Verisign® Secure Server to prevent any unwarranted transactions

  • To improve delivery of service

  • To provide convenience to PHIC partners

  • To reduce manual operation

  • To speed up processing and updating of employee data and remittances

  • To immediately reconcile and post PHIC contribution

We take pride in being the first and only bank to offer this PhilHealth e-Pay service in the market.